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Student Success Stories

Read and watch stories from real students. Who, with the help of the one-on-one tutors and flexible learning options available at the Academy for Tourism & Hospitality, have made positive change in their lives. Discover your journey today – find a course or apply online.

Lina’s Story

After spending 12 years living in the Maldives Lina returned home to Australia with the dream of opening her own travel agency promoting her adopted home. The Academy for Tourism and Hospitality welcomed and helped her overcome an initial trepidation of studying again. She credits her tutors bringing “real life examples to the training room so we can learn whats really expected out there and whats happening today”. The flexible study hours allowed Lina to work her family life around her study so everything worked in harmony. The Academy for Tourism and Hospitality helped Lina marry her passion of opening her travel agency and getting through the Diploma - and whilst Lina was graduating, her first clients were boarding the plane.

“My tutor was my mentor, my guru, my personal coach - she was able to bring real life examples to the training room”

Lina studied Travel & Tourism Management

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